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Success Stories
Franchisee Case Study

Kayleigh Gaskill - Tameside Franchisee

Thinking of starting your own dog walking business? There’s a lot to think about when setting up on your own, and it can be mind boggling. Taking on a franchise can ease some of that worry.

Scamps & Champs offer franchises in their very successful dog walking & pet care business. Kayleigh Gaskill was among the first to take up a Scamps & Champs franchise just over a year ago. Here’s what Kayleigh has to say to say about the experience.

“I’ve always loved having pets around and love walking dogs so I knew I wanted a job like this. I was employed by Scamps & Champs for 4 years and loved going out, meeting new people, walking their dogs and taking care of their pets for them while they were at work or on holiday.

When Lesley, Scamps & Champs Managing Director, mentioned she was going to start offering franchises, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me. I got to become my own boss and fit in my hoursaround my lifestyle. I took on my own franchise area and Scamps & Champs helped me every step of the way.

I had no business knowledge, didn’t have a clue where to start advertising on my own, or how to handle the financial side of things, but Lesley was brilliant. She is only ever a phone call away offering support and guidance when I need her. She helped me reach out to new customers and plan for the future of the business. I was only 23 when I set up on my own, so to have someone behind me with that level of support was invaluable!

My partner used to work in a call centre but has now been able to quit his job to work with me full time. We want to start a family and because we have that flexibility now, it’s going to make it so much easier to bring up kids and still earn a living at the same time!

Having the support of Lesley, and Scamps & Champs, has been amazing. We’ve grown our business from nothing and can really look forward to a brighter, flexible future doing a job we love! It doesn’t even feel like a job!”

Jeanette Harding - Fareham Franchisee

Six months in, Scamps & Champs latest franchisee is loving being in control of her life and career!

With the support and guidance of Lesley and the Scamps & Champs team, Jeanette Harding has steadily grown her Fareham based franchise.

“I’ve always kept pets and loved the idea of working with animals. I dreamed of working from home with my own business after spending 10 years in a high pressure job in the banking sector. I needed a change of lifestyle and this has certainly given me that!”

While running your own business certainly comes with its challenges, Jeanette is enjoying planning her workload to fit around her home life, as well as benefitting from a more outdoor lifestyle than she was previously accustomed to.

Jeanette has already taken on a series of self-employed staff to help her with pet sitting, dog walking and home boarding.

“I’m really grateful for the support and guidance Lesley has given me, particularly with marketing, as that was something I’ve never had any experience of. The support from Scamps & Champs has ensured my marketing has paid off and will continue to do so as I look to grow the business.”

And in just six months, the business has certainly started to grow well with 49 clients and 865 jobs to date!

“I really enjoy myself now, every day! What’s not to love about walking dogs and visiting all the lovely pets I now care for and their owners who I now count as friends! I only wish I’d had the opportunity to do this years ago!”