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Who uses us?

Dog Walking

We offer a dog walking service for owners who may be out at work all day or someone elderly that wants the companionship of a dog but finds walking difficult.  We offer a flexible daily or occasional service to suit their needs.  We will always try to walk their dogs in nearby parks or woodland depending on where they live.  We will vary the walks to keep their dog stimulated.

Dog Home Boarding

We offer dog home boarding where dogs will live with one of our host families as part of the family whilst their owners are away.

Parrot Home Boarding

We offer parrot home boarding for feathered friends whilst their owners are away in a home environment.

Overnight Pet/House Sitting

We will stay overnight at our customers house with their pets keeping them company whilst they are away.   This service includes a morning and evening walk for dogs if required.

Puppy Visits

For people who want to get a puppy but are out at work all day?  We can visit their puppy, clean up any accidents, have some play time and then finish off with a big cuddle.

Cat & Small Pet Home Visiting Service

We offer a home visiting service which is ideal for cats as they can stay in their own surroundings.  We will visit once or twice a day, whichever our client prefers and feed their cat, give fresh water, clean the litter tray and give lots of cuddles.

We can also draw their curtains, bring in their post, water the plants and turn lights on and off keeping their house safe while they are away. This service is also available for small pets.

Dog Home Visits

Another alternative to kennels.  We can visit clients’ dog(s) either 3 or 4 times per day enabling them to stay in their own familiar surroundings.  This service includes walks, feeding, toilet breaks and of course lots of cuddles and attention.

We can also draw curtains, bring in post, water the plants and turn lights on and off keeping houses safe while our clients are away.

Pet Taxi

We can take pets to the vets or dog groomers whilst our clients’ are at work.